Digital Registration

Enables guests to register themselves digitally which helps in elimination of errors and tedious manual entry process

Easy Check-Ins

Banis the need of multiple entries for the same visitor thus enables fast and easy Check-Ins

Verified Mobile Numbers

Mobile number entered by visitor is verified through OTP verification process to maintain authenticity of entries

Picture of Visitor

Enables you to capture the picture of visitor which is then saved in cloud sever


Enables you to pre register your guest(s) or visitors by entering their all details in advance, thus enabling fast check-Ins

Visitor Dashboard

Live dashboard gives an easy and quick overview of all your visitors, pre registered visitors, new visitors and visitor passes


Enables you to send SMS to visitor when host does pre registration and send notification to Host when visitor enters premises

Block List

Admin can add specific visitor to “Block Visitors List” which prevents unwanted people from entering into the premises

Logo and Brand Color

The software is customizable to reflect your brand identity and create a positive first impression to your visitors

Bulk Pre-Registration

Upload CSV file and send invitation to visitors for interviews in bulk

Feedback of Visitors

Enables you to analyze the feedback given by visitors for organization self assessment and internal improvement scope